World Class Shells

At Ocean State Pyrotechnics, we use only the finest display shells available. We never stop looking for the best, newest, and most exciting fireworks that the world’s manufacturers have to offer.

Aerial Display Shells

Multi Break Shells – These shells are custom made in the U.S.A.

All of our multi break display shells are domestically made to our specifications. Using American chemicals for trueness of color and Italian timing systems, these shells are true to the art of traditional European style shells.
These include:

  • Color & Report Shells
  • Color & Tourbillion and Report
  • Color & Screaming Dragons
  • Crossette ( Splitting Comet)
  • Timed Salutes with LOUD Counter Report
  • Spider Web
  • Stickless Rockets (Huge Glittering Comets)

Japanese Chrysanthemum
and Peony Style Shells

Throughout the world, the country of Japan is renowned for their large “Fire Flower” display shells. These shells have color, brilliance, and duration that is unmatched in the firework world.
We use the finest of these including:

  • Mantsuna/ Santai – The most intense Popping Brocades in the world!
  • Yeng Feng – When it comes to star duration and large cascades. THIS IS IT.
  • Hanabi – Centuries old company with the most vibrant colors you’ll ever see in fireworks

Spanish Shells

Shells made the country of Spain have a traditional look and are always a favorite in our displays. Some of our effects are:
  • Twinkling Light shells
  • Shimmering Gold Falls shells
  • Screaming Whistle shells
  • Spangled w/ Whistle and Report

Chinese Shells

In a great firework display color, timing, and use of complementary effects all come together to create a tapestry in the sky. To accomplish this you need shells with great variety of color and a multitude of effects. The Chinese display shells used by Ocean State Pyrotechnics are without a doubt, World Class. Used by pyrotechnic companies around the world, here is a list of what we feel is the best, that China has to offer.
  • Flower King — These shells are of the highest quality. With varieties unsurpassed in Oriental shells, these are always a staple in our shows.
  • An Ping — This Company was the first (and so far the only) company in China to use American chemicals in their production of shells. Their Magnalium colors are incredible.
  • Lidu — True workhorses of the industry. Hard breaking with great height, these shells are staples in shows all around the country.
  • Haga — These shells have color and duration that rival even most Japanese shells. Pattern shells from this company are the finest available.
  • Flower King — In 2014 we introduced a brand new line of proprietary shells manufactured by Flower King. These shells are used exclusively in our grand finals. These shells are some of the finest final chains we have ever seen!
  • Vulcan — Vulcan Fireworks recently introduced a line of multi break cylinder shells. Not “peanuts” but true Italian style shells that rival our Domestics. These shells are absolutely phenomenal!

Special Pattern Shells

The use of pattern shells has become very common in modem fireworks displays and Ocean State Pyrotechnics stocks a large selection. From the finest manufactures, we select shells to delight audiences and punctuate your display.
  • Heart
  • Wagon Wheel
  • Sun Bonnet
  • Smiley Face
  • Peace Symbol
  • Butterfly
  • Star
  • Saturn Planet w/ Ring

Plus Many More… We also have custom shells designed for displays that request them.