Cakes & Candles

CakesIn our timed segments and in our finalies, we employ pyrotechnic devices referred to in the industry as “cakes” or boxed finalies.

These are multiple shot items used for layering effects underneath shell barrages. Sometimes fired with large caliber Roman Candles, and large support shells overhead, these devices add a stunning addition to our shows. Please note: We use these items in conjunction with our display shells, not instead of them.

Repeating Cakes

At Ocean State Pyrotechnics, we stock a wide variety of these items. Ranging from 150 shot single effects to fan shaped to zipper style (zig zagged) to cakes that unload over 500 extra loud reports in 5 seconds, we KNOW we have the right stuff for your display. I personally attend many demonstrations every year looking for the newest and the best that the world’s manufacturers have to offer.

  • Roman Candles — Use of large caliber Roman Candles is a hallmark in our displays. In our timed segments and finalizes, we coordinate different candle effects to add a multi dimensional scene to each one. Part of our effect list looks like this:
  • Crossette Candles (45mm and 60mm) — a comet tail rises up and then splits into four segments resembling a cross.
  • Comet Tailed Candles (45mm and 60mm) — These candles come in a great variety of colors including red, blue, silver, purple, green, gold, aqua, sunflower, and multicolor. They also come in crackling and with report. When fired on angles in front of a cake and shell barrage, the effect is breathtaking.
  • Screaming Dragon Candles (60mm only) — Manufactured in Spain, these candles, are always crowd pleasers. Loud and fast dragons fill the sky. These candles along with all of our other Spanish candles have effects and timing that are world renowned.
  • Bombette Candles (30mm, 45mm, 60mm) — Comets to shells fill the sky in the layer just under the barrage shells. Colors are selected to compliment the larger shells above them.